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Swim Safety Buoy/ Tow Float

Swim Safety Buoy/ Tow Float

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The new Zone3 Swim Safety Buoy / Tow Float ensures high visibility. Featuring a heavy-duty PVC coated nylon waterproof outer material with low drag when on the water. Featuring an adjustable strap, this tow float is one size to fit most bodyshapes, male or female. Great for towing behind you for an unrestricted stroke being designed from both strong and durable material. This brightly coloured safety buoy is ideal for those seeking increased visibility in open water. Once inflated it can also aid as a support for when you need to rest or take a short break from swimming. The adjustable dual belt design attaches securely around the swimmer's waist and the leash ensures that the product remains out of stroke range whilst swimming. This style of bag comes in a High Vis Orange and Pink option. Other options in the Zone3 tow float range include the On-The-Go buoy which allows access to key products whilst in the water as well as the Hydration buoy complete with bladder pack to help keep you hydrated whilst swimming.


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