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LifeJacket Sun Protection SPF30 (100ml)

LifeJacket Sun Protection SPF30 (100ml)

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A SPF 30 sunscreen specifically for men, available in 100ml.

A lightweight, non-greasy and water resistant Sun Gel is a game changer and won’t get in the way of what you’re doing. Turn your back on thick, heavy, greasy creams that smell of coconuts and get stuck in your hair. The sunscreen glides onto the skin, absorbs quickly, doesn’t get stuck in hair and doesn’t leave any residue on your hands. It doesn’t compromise on high performance either: rated SPF 30, UVA, UVA 5* Ultra.

- Fresh linen fragrance
- Used by professional athletes because it’s lightweight, non-greasy and doesn’t cause stinging or burning, particularly in the eyes
- Water resistant and cruelty free
- Engineered using first class ingredients and formulation technology
- For all skin types and clinically approved for sensitive skin


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