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Vitamin D3 (4000 IU)

Vitamin D3 (4000 IU)

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  • An essential combination of Vitamin D3 and Calcium

    Delivers a significant dose of Vitamin D3 as well as 100mg of Calcium from coral per capsule, allowing absorption in a small dose.

  • Helps Supports and Maintain Bone Health

    Vitamin D can support good bone health. It keeps bones strong by helping your body absorb calcium and phosphorus, key minerals for bone health.

  • Regulates Over 200 Genes In The Body

    Vitamin D has been found to influence over 200 genes relating to cell health and conditions such as autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis.

  • Supports Overall Health When Sunlight Is Scarce

    Vitamin D is naturally produced by the human body when exposed to direct sunlight. Season, geographic latitude, time of day, cloud cover, smog, and sunscreen affect UV ray exposure and vitamin D synthesis in the skin, and it is important for individuals with limited sun exposure to include good sources of vitamin D in their diet.
  • Is a Potent Immune Modifying Nutrient

    Vitamin D3 plays an important role in supporting the immune system and research shows may have a protective effect against acute respiratory infections, especially amongst those more vulnerable or prone to infections with pre-existing lung conditions.


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