Flip Belt Bottle 175ml

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Sleek Water Bottles for Running

Staying hydrated while running, working out and being active is critical, but carrying a water bottle while running, walking, hiking and other activities is cumbersome. FlipBelt’s sleek, contoured running water bottles fit effortlessly into all of FlipBelt’s fitness and running belts so you can carry your water hands-free.  Purchase water bottles to add to any FlipBelt including the reflective belt, or purchase a complete a hydration water bottle belt with a running belt and water bottles in one package.

Unlike bulky, uncomfortable running hydration packs, FlipBelt running water bottles turn your discreet, comfortable FlipBelt fitness belt into a convenient, easy-to-use running water bottle belt. The running water bottles are specifically designed to fit into the pocket openings of your FlipBelt and contour to the curves of your body for a comfortable carrying experience.

Our jogging water bottles are available in two convenient, portable sizes – 6 oz. and 11 oz. Discounted when you buy FlipBelt Water Bottle two-packs.