Triumph 18 W

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Long runs get a faster, first-class upgrade.

For those who crave the ultimate in protective cushioning, the Triumph 18 is our most cushioned shoe, has been retooled to give long runs a new faster feel with all the luxurious comfort you desire.

More springy-cloud feeling
PWRRUN+, the next generation of amazing cushioning, gives you a luxurious underfoot feel that won’t break down with a lightweight feeling.

Soft with more snap
New midsole geometries coupled with a new, durable rubber outsole make the cushy ride of this shoe feel faster.

More luxury on foot
FORMFIT acts like a luxurious bucket seat for your foot, with even softer materials than ever before.

Category: Neutral
Offset: 8mm (32.5/24.5)

Women 9.7oz (275g)