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Running Free

26 January - Optimise your performance & overall health with Layla Gordon

26 January - Optimise your performance & overall health with Layla Gordon

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Learn how to optimise your performance and overall health with lifestyle medicine and digestive health - with Layla Gordon, Registered Nutritional Therapist, based in Poole.
DipION, mBANT, CNHC, O.A. Dip. (Master Herbalist), Ba (Hons)

Event: 6pm start at Running Free on Thursday 26 January.

(We ask for a small contribution to attend the event, this is more to get your commitment and so we can manage numbers. You'll get a healthy juice in return :)

A bit about Layla Gordon: 

Layla specialises in lifestyle medicine at her clinic in Lower Parkstone in Poole. She understands how life’s stresses and strains can take their toll on an individual's health, and so she works within functional medicine and nutritional science to look at a person as a ‘whole’, and to help to uncover the root causes of their symptoms. She can support your health journey to ensure that you’re getting a full service of care and support with your nutritional needs, be that analysing your nutrient status, assessing lipid profiles, optimising diet and lifestyle plans or discussing which foods to include, and which to limit, for a fully personalised and bespoke approach.

Layla’s passion for health and wellbeing grew when her husband faced health challenges, and she made it her personal goal to help him to feel better. This led her to find Patrick Holford’s books and subsequently to begin studying at the world-renowned ‘Institute for Optimum Nutrition’ in London. She focuses on many areas such as digestive issues, food cravings, dietary optimisation, stress issues, sleep issues, nutrient protocols, gut health, compromised immunity, food sensitivities and much more.


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