The Marathon

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The Marathon

The Marathon is a cheeky, but family-friendly satirical rhyming story that follows our hero, Runner, as he takes on the gruelling business of training for and running a marathon. Not a natural athlete, and with a weakness for cake and socialising, Runner faces many distractions along the way. But will he complete his challenge? The book has been illustrated by the hugely talented artist come Jack Sparrow impersonator, Terry Cooper, and is suitable for adults and children.

While Philippa was training for the Virgin London Marathon 2017, she realised how single-minded she had become, even turning down social events because she had "a long run in the morning.” She spent a lot of time during those long weekend runs trying to distract herself from all her aches and pains – and the many miles she still had left to cover – and started thinking about the temptations that could get in the way of a training programme. A huge fan of the comedy grown-up spoof books that are now available, Philippa thought she could apply similar humour to marathon training. One morning, while she was dragging herself through a Saturday morning 15-miler, she started drafting The Marathon in her head. Philippa says that it was only the fact that she wanted to get back and write down her ideas that actually got her home that day!

Philippa had a long break from running but finally got back into jogging shortly before she met her husband, Dave. She wasn’t covering many miles and her idea of a run was 20 minutes around the local park before a refreshing beverage. Dave, on the other hand, had recently completed an Iron Man distance triathlon, and the jog round the park constituted his warm-up. The couple's first runs together were a not-so romantic combination of endless waiting (him) and incessant whinging (her) as Philippa failed to make it past half an hour without glucose and/or thoughts of exchanging Dave for a slower model. One hazy evening in the pub, Philippa allegedly agreed to do a half-marathon with Dave. Their training runs took place during winter evenings and involved head torches and wet feet. Philippa thought they were crazy; a sentiment shared by their babysitter. However, that heady mix of endorphins, Lycra® and Deep Heat® soon became a way of life and Philippa has not looked back.

You can purchase the book in both of our stores Poole or Poundbury or buy online here..It's £7.99 a book.




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