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The Marathon - a family friendly book about training for a marathon..

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Now the Happy New Years are over its time for the Happy New you to begin and we think we can help . . . today is the start of our January #runforyou campaign aimed at helping you to run further or faster, be fitter and healthier and to just have more fun with your fitness and get the most out of yourself ! We’re a running shop and yes, as and when you need kit and equipment, we’d like to feel that we’re your first port of call and we work very hard to make sure we’re competitive and...

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We are super excited to be opening Running Free in Poundbury so to celebrate we thought we'd throw a little party on our first ever day . . . No pressure then!We’ll pack the shop with special offers and gift ideas, along with free gait analysis consultations and the usual running advice you'd expect from us, oh and did I mention an extra 15% off everything, yes that's 15% off everything in store just for this one day!As it's Christmas we'll have seasonal smoothies, mince pies and the essential mulled wine plus a great Christmas playlist to enjoy.Also, on the...

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