RunForYouCrew, Poundbury

RunForYouCrew, Poundbury

Think our shop is just for die-hard runners? Think again! Running Free are starting a group offering a unique programme to help those of you who haven't experienced the benefits of running yet, or who would like a gradual transition back into running after a long break.

Similar to the 'Couch to 5k' scheme encouraged by the NHS, we will be focusing on a combination of walking and running over a period of 9-12 weeks to get you out and about, and most importantly ENJOYING a 5k run!

Whether you want to get fitter, lose weight, meet new people, just get out and about, or have goals to enter some 5k charity runs in 2017, we are here to assist you!

What's more, you'll have the support of the group, your running coach, and exclusive in-store discounts to keep you motivated!

Benefits to signing up:

•A total body workout!
•Great to de-stress!
•Social, team atmosphere (no competition here!)
•Expert advice and assistance from the RF team and your coach
•Discounts in store
•No commitment - if you can't make a session, we just will give you a session to complete in your own time, so you don't miss out!
•Finally, it's completely FREE!

The group will be starting on 2nd February at 7pm (meet from 18:45 at Poundbury Running Free), and running every Thursday. We will be starting the route from the store, and will keep the shop open until we set off (opportunity for drinks, toilet etc.).

Like our group and tell your friends to.

If you have any questions just drop us a message, give us a call, or come into store in Poundbury to speak to Hannah :)


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