It's really all about what you wear

It's really all about what you wear

I know it’s not about ‘what’ you wear…but really it’s ‘all’ about what you wear...

I’m up in Wales and desperately wanted to go out for a run with my sister BUT I forgot to bring my running gear, and thought what the hell, I’ll wear some of my mums stuff. So I put on some baggy leggings, black long sleeved general top, a Timberland zip up fleece, some old running shoes and no sports bra, yes no sports bra – jeeezus what was I thinking!!!

That was the most uncomfortable run EVER; the jacket kept bouncing up and down and letting in all the cold until about 5km in, I started overheating like an old car engine! 

My leggings didn’t hold anything in and my bra – well I don’t even need to explain, I’ll leave that to your imagination. But it’s safe to say that was not good and to top it off my sister showed me up in her cool, colourful, ‘proper’ running gear.

Good thing the scenery was stunning :) #‎dontunderestimategoodrunninggear‬ 


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