My London Marathon journey

My London Marathon journey

Well hello! Remember me!!!!! 

I'm not sure what happened and why I've missed writing my blog. I must of had writers block!!!!   

Anyway it's only 3 weeks until the big day. That day I've been working running towards. Starting back in December, before Christmas felt like I was starting from scratch having just returned to running from 8 months of illness. 

Back to club run twice a week and Parkrun I felt I was back.  My first race was around the lakes 10k.  I hated every step of the way. It sure was a hard task after such a time out however once I was finished I felt relieved and pleased I had done it. A few days later the Broadstone quarter. Tough again. But it had to be done. 

So, 12 or so weeks down the line, having completed 2 x 20 milers, 2 x 17/18 milers, 5/6 half marathons,  several 10 miles and numerous shorter runs accumulating to just over 330 miles I feel training has gone well.   

There are two things I need to consider. What shoes to wear and how to fuel on race day! 

I have been trying a couple of things for energy. Jelly babies and gels and neither seem to suit me. I usually feel a little hungry at about 8/9 miles so I have something small. I'm still struggling with this so feel the next step is to try solid food. Flap jack, banana, peanut butter sandwich or something along those lines...

So onto shoes. I usually run in Asics nimbus. I love them. In my opinion they are the "King of the road" neutral marathon shoe, cushioned with added gel heel and through the forefoot. .... So I thought until Adidas ultra boost came along!  As with the nimbus it feels like walking on pillows with added bounce. What a dilemma! Oh what to wear. My safe beloved Nimbus or take a leap of faith and go for the Ultra boost.   Your marathon shoes really need to be worn in a few weeks prior to the big day so I better make my mind up soon. 

So I hope all you lovely runners are getting on well with whatever you are training for and remember we at Running Free are always here for advice and  support or even just to pop in for a chat and a cuppa! 

If I don't see you before, good luck to all those who are taking part! 


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